Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another most enjoyable visitor

Today is Thursday, 12 March, regardless of the date that will show on top of this entry. I think this blog runs on US time as it seems to be a day behind the actual day I do it.
As mentioned yesterday, my #2 granddaughter (minus her daughter who was at high school, but hope to see her soon too) came to help me sort out some of the Creative Memories pages I have already prepared. We did a lot of chatting and had so much fun looking at some of the old photos....more chatting and looking than sorting took place but we eventually got them into some semblance of order and now I have much more work to do complete them. It is just about a full-time job as I've had so many photos emailed from England of my husband's family from way back before he was born (and that WAS a long time ago). I've had them printed out so now the task is ahead of me to sort them and find places for them in the CM pages.
What would we do without photographs? My folks' home was destroyed by fire before I was born and they lost everything apart from the clothes they were wearing. They had been camped out working on another property at the time (they were farming in the deep south of W.A. then). My dad had played for Tottenham Hotspurs and had his England cap as well (amateur status in those days) and had newspaper cuttings, medals etc; there were family photos and probably a few heirlooms as well but they were all gone, all completely irreplaceable.
I can understand people saying, when faced with the prospect of losing their home to fire, that they grab their photo albums. One item of interest is dad had been presented with an MBE medal (by King George V) for work he had done during WW1 in England and that medal (minus the pin and ribbon) survived the fire. We have often wondered just what metal that medal was made from.
I had friends living in the Kinglake district of Victoria who decided to leave their homes when those terrible fires threatened and they told me they grabbed their photo albums. One home was saved but another was unfortunately lost but when I spoke to them they sounded so very positive and I can only wish them well.
Back to the day with my thanks to her for taking the time to spend with an 'oldie'. We had some fun and hopefully we will do it again soon.
It is not so terribly hot today (27C) but awfully humid. My husband played 9 holes of golf this morning but reckoned the weather wasn't conducive to playing least that's his excuse and of course I do believe him : ) Main thing is you got some fresh air.

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