Sunday, April 26, 2015


Excerpt from 'THE CLOCK OF TIME' by Gertrude Ruston.  (page 202)


When Professor Saint left to become Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Queensland University we were extremely distressed, and his departure created many changes.

It was decided to apply to the State Government for a grant to cover the salary of a part-time secretary for the Council of Social Service, so that I could retire from the position of Honorary Secretary which I had carried for twelve years.  The Government agreed to make an annual grant to the organisation and Mrs M Stephenson applied for and was appointed to the position.

I remained as Executive Office of the Australian Council of Social Service in an honorary capacity until my retirement in 1970.

Brigadier Hunter of the Salvation Army became President of the W.A. Council of Social Service following Professor Saint and, to comply with the constitution and simplify the work, both the Citizens Advice and Bureau and the Perth Emergency Housekeeper Service became independent organisations and paid up full member bodies of the Council of Social Service.

The W.A. Council of Social Service was thus relieved of the task of running those two welfare services, which it had been doing since its inception, contrary to the constitution.

The only salary I received was from the Citizens Advice Bureau, of which I was Director, and it had its own Executive Committee.

I continued to act as Honorary Director of the PEHS, under the control of its Board of Management.

I was also Honorary Director of the Children's Holiday Association.


  1. Hari OM
    ....There is a sense of impending closure to proceedings here... Mother working towards a well-earned rest! YAM xx

    1. Things were definitely changing but the well earned rest was not to be as one would have wanted it to be. xx

  2. Constitutions and rules always make me want to scream. I know they protect the organisation but also wrap us in red tape. So frustrating and I wish there was a solution. Your mum seems to have worked something out by simplifying the whole thing. Genius.

    1. Mum didn't have much time for 'red tape' but preferred decisions be made and the job then got on with. She never sat back and hoped something would eventually happen.