Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Watching the news on TV today something I've been saying for some time seems to have been proven correct.  There is sure to be a lot more said on the subject but so far this is the verdict.

I am sure enough of you have 'heard' me complaining about my osteo arthritis (have had two hip replacements) and in particularly my very, very bad back and a knee that also doesn't like me.  So bad in fact, that standing for long or walking any worthwhile distance is a thing of the past.  I use a stick in the house and a walker when I do have to go to the shops but years ago I was put on to Pandadol Osteo (6 tablets daily so as not exceed the 4,000mg which is considered a safe daily dose).  I have been taking them religiously and....hoping.

In the advertisement for this produce it states that it may give up to a 24 hour relief from pain from osteo arthritis.  It perhaps omits to say how serious the arthritis is before the Panadol Ostoer ceases to have any, or little, effect.  Modern advertising can be very confusing and a times rather misleading.

My daughter and I have often discussed the use of paracetamol and decided it may help the tiny aches and pains but, on the whole, does very little to dull severe pain.  I have continued taking it in the hope that perhaps the placebo effect may know....mind over matter!!  I sometimes think it may help my hands but perhaps the exercise I do with them on my keyboard and crocheting does more good as it keeps them active.

Apparently a big study has been done here in Australia and those taking paracetamol for back pain and osteo arthritis were no better off then those taking placebos and, of course, paracetamol can damage one's liver over time.  I think the last blood test I had showed my liver not doing too badly but is it worth the risk if the tablets I take do little to ease the pain?

The result of this recent study was that many people suffer back pain during their lifetime but 10% become incapacitated as a result of their back pain, which is of course very true.   The part of the result that didn't sit well with me of course was that the alternative to using paracetamol ..... people could lose weight (not easy when you can't move much),  and exercise (also not easy etc etc).

About 10 years or more  back I remember having a discussion about medications with my orthopaedic surgeon who said he considered any medication that kept you alive should be taken regularly but most others (and I feel he also included alternative medications in this) could be dangerous and quite often unnecessary.  He then went on to say that to date (remember this was back in about 2003/4) nobody knew the outcome re the constant use of PARACETAMOL!!   We now are told it is possibly useless anyway and could be dangerous.

I rest my case....I wonder how many of you take paracetamol for different types of pain.  Do you actually find that it does help reduce pain?  I would be very interested in your opinion.


  1. Hari Om
    Two words. Hornet' nest. Life-long rheumatoid means there have been periods where forays into med-taking have been unavoidable. One of those involved being part of a trial for indomethacin a quarter century back. It damaged my liver. This was one of the things which resulted in my needing to find alternatives ... sigh.. long story short, anything which requires long term treatment ought not to be ingestive.

    For acute and localised pain I do keep Aspro and Ibuprofen in the drawer. It usually goes out of date, it gets used so infrequently. Such medications were never intended for long-term use. However they were always considered inoffensive enough for doctors to keep prescribing in this manner in order to appear to be doing something... am going stop there. It's a 'pet bunny' of mine and it is not fair to inflict upon you after such a simple question - for the answer is plainly "no, don't take pana or para anything!"

    &*() sorry 'bout the rant... YAM xx

    1. Please Yam don't apologise for the 'rant'.
      I am fortunate that my arthritis is only degenerative but it still hurts like crazy.
      I refuse to take morphine type drugs as they cause addiction and the body becomes used to them over time and then what do you have left?
      I have been told mild anti-depressants can help but even with them I have my doubts. Discussion with GP obviously necessary on that subject. He will not let me take NSAIDS as they conflict with a blood pressure med I'm taking and he's also worried about effect on kidneys.
      It's definitely a no win situation when it comes to severe pain and pain killers and there is certainly no simple solution.

  2. Like Yam I use Ibuprofen for acute and localised pain. With doctors I have explored alternatives to help with the deep seated pain. Fail. Nothing (that they are prepared to allow me) does more than take the edge off. Sometimes swimming helps for a while. Sometimes walking gently helps. Often nothing helps.

    1. I think my daughter uses Ibuprofen for bad pain but I keep away from it 'cos it contains a substance not good for me.
      Your problem is far worse than mine so I shouldn't complain so loudly but whatever any of us suffers from is our own pain and we would all dearly love the boffins to find a quick fix so we could smile 24/7.

  3. I use Tylenol for arthritis occasionally and sometimes Aleve..Neither one does much for me sadly. Still, when the pain is bad you just have to do SOMETHING.

    1. I of late find Dencorub is the best quick fix. It definitely does help sore muscles and it is my muscles that seize up because of what is happening in my spine. I am fortunate in having Phil now understanding where the tender spots are and he does a good job not only administering the Dencorub but also massaging those tight muscles. He is worth his weight in gold to me at times.

  4. I found Panadol Osteo to be completely useless and gave up before I'd even finished the packet. I threw them away, but crushed them first in case they were found by kids going through rubbish or whatever. I found regular Panadol only helped if I took four or six at a time and every four hours. In the last few months before I quit working I was taking far more than the recommended amount on a daily basis; since quitting I've stopped taking it altogether. The migraines have gone too.
    Now when I get achy, I can sit with a hot water bottle or go and lie down, couldn't do either of those at work.

    1. My daughter also feels that way about Panadol Osteo.
      I am glad your migraines have stopped now you are no longer working. I guess the stress of that particular job would be rather horrendous at times what with the noise in the store itself and sometimes angry customers. No wonder you had headaches. It's great you can now lie down whenever you need to.
      Dencorub is helping but there are places where I can't reach so dear old Phil to the rescue again.