Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I am still completely fed up with our Perth weather where it is HOT HOT HOT so that is far from right with me and I will continue to feel like that while our other southern capital cities drift gradually into autumn we will continue with out extended summer as is our wont here in the West.  Every day for the coming week will be in the high 30ºs (up to 37ºC (98.6ºF) on Saturday) which is getting beyond a joke.

I must admit that on the 'right' side of things I was more than happy when Phil came home from seeing his eye specialist on Monday to tell me that his glaucoma is still well under control with the pressure in both eyes now 15, so the 'bad' eye is now as good as the 'good' eye if that makes sense.  Makes the nightly drop ritual well and truly worth our while.

To add to the 'rights' this week we had a call from the 'carpet man' to say he will have someone call on Tuesday (next Monday is a holiday in Perth) to check out the vinyl in the kitchen and also the carpet in the hall.  Not sure there's much they can do about the carpet as it is rather old and I thought only a small section got really wet but he said they had check it out for mildew (mould) so will leave them to do their job.  I must ask the carpet chap if striped wool carpet is still available.  We put that type of carpet down when renting in Mosman Park in the late 1960s and it with us and used it in 3 rooms here, and today it is looking as good as it did 40 years ago.  It was made of what was left of different coloured carpet wool and because it is uncut it wears so well. It was possibly made right here in W.A. and I don't think we have that type of industry now so I may be disappointed.

Only a few minutes afterwards we had a call from GIO (our insurance company) to say they had accepted the report from their assessor and that we would hear from the carpet guy (shows how quickly he got onto the job) and the builder very shortly.  I imagine the builder will contact us next week.  I asked the girl what would happen if they couldn't match the veneer as some the cupboards  were not damaged (and we have wall cupboards too) and she looked at the photographs taken by the assessor and seemed to think they would manage somehow.  I think they are going to have a big task on their hands but, once again, I will leave it to the experts as I am sure they will find a way to solve the problem. 

I have taken a few snaps of the damage and thought I'd share them with you.  They so 'no job is worth doing unless it is done well' but in this case it is one 'job' I wish I'd never done, 'well' or otherwise!!

This shows where the sink joins the cupboard top.  As you can see there is damage all over: the chipboard (they don't use solid timber these days) has swollen and raised the corner of the formica on the bench top and also there is a gap between the sink and the cupboard and the doors themselves have gaps where once again the chipboard has swollen.

This is the bottom of the cupboard with the door open and you can easily see the damage here as well:

This actually shows the top of one of the doors.  Three of the four doors won't close as either they are like this or because parts of the cupboard itself are distorted.  Not sure why the vinyl in this shot shows up as bluish/purple but cameras do funny things at time, or at least mine does.

This is one of the 'bumps' in the vinyl where the water got underneath it and this is the bottom drawer that is jammed tight 'cos obviously the cupboard itself is distorted around it and holding it firmly in its grasp.

As said above, I certainly made a good job of it.


  1. Good to hear things are moving towards getting fixed quickly. I remember that striped carpet, it was very popular back in the 70s, hard wearing and didn't easily show marks from spills etc. I'm hope it is still available for you.
    Good news about Phil's eyes.

  2. Thanks River on both counts. Had a call from the builder's office today. Someone will call tomorrow afternoon so we should then know just what they will be able to do to rectify the problem.

  3. Oh my goodness Mimsie, that does look frustratingly annoying. Glad someone's coming to fix it up for you.