Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I am not a true tennis fan although do watch games occasionally but I was absolutely delighted to see Andy Murray win Wimbledon.  The last time a Brit won was 77 years back so I can imagine just how he felt when he won.  I feel sheer determination won through for him.   You could see by his reaction at that moment.  No words were needed.  I imagine they are still celebrating in the UK, and especially in Scotland.

My adopted parents were from the UK and when I was a child we Aussies were also considered to be British too.  We were indeed British subjects.  In the 1970s our politicians, in their infinite wisdom, decided they wanted us to change our thoughts about being British so we are now Australians only.

It's difficult changing one's feelings after so many years of thinking one way and although I always want the Aussies to beat the Poms in cricket Test matches, I am still very British underneath.  I just feel so pleased that Andy Murray was able to claim the cup after that wonderful win.  Australians have won Wimbledon....it had to be the turn of the Brits and it was.


  1. I am a Kiwi through and through, as of next year I will have spent equal time in both countries, but I am afraid you just can't take the Kiwi out of me. xxx

    1. Nor should you Rae. It can take a long time to really become a citizen of a new country. My hubby has now been in Oz from the UK for over 50 years so 30 in the UK and 53 in Oz. I think the conversion has taken place for him.

  2. My son-in-laws parents are in Burton-on-Kent, and have been following the games closely! I bet they brought out champagne when Murray won!!

  3. Yes Susan, I can just imagine the celebrations would have gone on for some time. Many of us in Australia were delighted with Murray's win.