Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Anyone who has visited my blog has probably seen, at one time or another, that I have a particular fondness for cats.  Yesterday on Facebook this beautiful picture appeared and I thought it said it all:

I think it is their individuality, their independence (they really do need us but they won't let us know that), their sheer beauty that I admire so much.  To have Precious jump on my lap wanting to be made a fuss of is a wonderful feeling and one must also remember that stroking a cat is so good for us and relaxes us as well as the cat.  I can't imagine my home without a cat being part of it.  This photo shows Precious in all her winter finery (as she is right now).  She sheds so much hair during spring to virtually become a short-haired cat for the summer months.

Not much more I can say but I really did want to share the first picture with other cat lovers.

P.S.  We have also had some wonderful canine friends but we are too old now to care for a dog whereas a cat takes so little looking after.   No walks or baths needed; just daily brushing (which Precious loves), good food and a comfy place to sleep.

In response to people who dislike cats (I don't like to use the word hate in this context) and would like to see our suburbs rid of them I always suggest there could be repercussions if this should happen. Who then would assist in keeping rats and mice under control?  Provided cats are taught properly and not allowed to wander at night, birds and native animals should be safe from them.  It is the people I deplore who don't have cats sterilised or just dump unwanted cats who then can become feral and a danger to native fauna.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, she is. She will be 12 next October but at times still plays like a kitten. She loves to sit on top of the birdcage but never worries the finches but she does catch a mouse occasionally so earns her keep. : )

  2. The British Short-hair does indeed look regal - but Precious is very, very special too. And as you know I am a BIG cat fan.

  3. We had a British shorthair when I was a child and she was beautiful. Oh yes, our Precious is indeed special and so precious to us. I do know of your love of cats, all types large and small in fact. : )

  4. I love cats, we have over the years have always had one or two, generally we house abandoned ones. We have two sisters at the moment. xxx

    1. I felt you would be a lover of cats Rae. Can't say why but you are just such a lovely human being is why I guess. Precious and her friend who died 3 years ago both came from the Cat Haven. Love 'em to bits. xxx

  5. Oh Mimsie Precious is indeed precious the top photo is so cool and the saying is so true.
    It will be 27c to 29c here today Mimsie no humidity should be perfect for haying well except for that 40% chance of rain:) Hug B

  6. Yes I loved that first picture...as you say, so true. I would imagine, being on farm, you would have cats.
    Sounds as though you have a beautiful day ahead of you. Our hottest days during summer often reach 40ºC+ and for me 25ºC is my favourite temp and I hate humidity.
    We had some wonderful rain last night (about an inch and a half) and boy do we need it in Western Australia. Am hoping it went inland as the poor farmers are having problems this year through lack of rain.

  7. Precious is beautiful!
    I like cats, I'm currently making friends (again) with my daughter's cat Missy. She has always been a bit on the feral side in spite of having a good home, if she isn't in the mood for petting she will lash out and scratch. The mother abandoned her babies when they were four weeks old and Missy came to K, she is now probably 12 years old.
    Being a Leo, I'm kind of a cat myself, there's nothing like a cosy warm spot out of the wind to curl up and nap in.

  8. Precious is very gentle but afraid of strangers (and thunderstorms).
    Some cats can be a little on the aggressive side. We had a Siamese (Koko) years back that would bite. I remember holding a BBQ at our place and I warned one of my friends as she put her hand down to pet Koko to be careful. Well she wasn't and he nipped her fingers. He would hide around corners and pounce on us and I had a scar on one ankle for years where he had caught me.
    I think my daughter, also a Leo, enjoys curling up and having a nap at times.