Sunday, December 23, 2012


We had anticipated that we were going to have a hot Christmas in Perth this year but I got the shock of my life when I checked out the BOM site just a few moments ago.  It reads thus:

Monday 24th..34C (93.2F); Tuesday 25th..39C (102.2F); Wednesday26th..38F (100.4F); Thursday 27th..39C (102/2F); Friday 28th..38C (100.4F), Saturday 29th..38C (100.4F); Sunday 30th..37C (98.6F).

All I can say is WOW!!!!  We are going to be the hottest capital city in Australia including Darwin in our far north where Christmas Day is forecast to be only 34C (93.2) and they are used to heat up there.

Our cousins in the eastern states are all going to be sitting down to their Christmas dinners in lovely cool conditons.  They may even get some rain if they are lucky or perhaps that's not so good if you are planning to be out of doors.

I'm now wondering what it will be like at new year.  Obviously the heat from the west will travel across to the eastern states and they should have hot weather by the end of December for their new year.

The other thing that concerns me is what is the temperature going to be on 2nd January which will be my 81st birthday?  My past few birthdays have been very hot so we have stayed home and had a lovely lunch provided by my daughter while sitting in the cool of the airconditioning.  Could we perhaps have a sudden cool change????   They say be careful what you wish for and so I am not wishing for that as, knowing my luck, it could well turn out to be 40C.

The family say I become obsessed with the weather during our summer months and I must admit I do as I really do not thrive on hot weather.  I seldom mention the weather during our winter except perhaps to celebrate if we have much needed rain.  My ideal temperature is about 20C (68F).

I have managed to survive during some very hot summers and I am sure I will do the same this time but gee, snow would be lovely.  : )

 Oh, how beautiful that looks!!  Well, one is allowed to dream isn't one???


  1. Another Capricorn! Happy birthday for the 2nd - and yes I would love to see a white christmas. Not only can a girl dream, a girl should dream.
    Your temperatures for the next little while are vile. You have all my sympathies - and I am also a weather monitor in summer. Bring back winter. Please.

    1. Yes I am a Capricorn! Another old goat. lol We are a lovely type of person though, or at least I think so.
      Glad you too watch the highs and lows in summmer; not enough lows though, at least not the temperature.
      Like you I tend to wish my life away every summer wanting winter back. Silly isn't it? Sufficient to be alive whatever the weather I guess but still love the idea of snow.
      Thank you so much for your birthday wishes. When is yours? xx