Saturday, November 3, 2012


Today began normally and then it got worse as I got bogged down in trying to do too many things at once and theng got myself upset and frustrated and all that stupid stuff.  Anyway I finally got over all that with the help of my other half who tries to understand but being still so able to do stuff himself probably finds it difficult to know what I am going on about at times.  Sigh!  He does try though, bless him.

Then I had brilliant idea and remembered those fantastic photos of the chameleon rose that my daughter placed on her blog a short while ago.  I rang the local Dawsons Garden Centre and the lady on the other end said "Yes, we have some in stock".  She asked would she put our name on one and I of course said "Yes, please and my husband will pick it up this afternoon".

MOH had to pop out to the shops so on his way home he collected the rose for me and it is quite small but has some buds on it and even a couple of them are opening and showing the delightful yellow with the pink edges.  I can't wait till it grows a little larger and has all the different coloured blooms on it.

I will repot it (or MOH will....another frustration of mine that I just can't do those gardening chores I once did) and there is a place on the edge of our front porch where I will place it so it will get the sun but if it gets too hot during summer I can pop it behind the shadecloth to keep it cool.

We had given up on roses as being too much to look after but I feel this floribunda rose is going to be easy to care for and will give us so much pleasure every time we look at it.  I just know I will love it 'cos it has yellow in it and yellow always makes me feel happy so what more can I ask for.

Also today we had some much needed rain and as MOH did put the sprinklers on the front garden last night (our watering days are Tuesday and Friday) the extra 'watering' today will do the garden a lot of good.  There are a few potted plants waiting to be planted so perhaps tomorrow could be a good day for 'us' to get that chore done too. 

Isn't amazing how spring does tend to get you moving (who me??) or at least give us inspiration about what we would like to get done?    Note to self:  Just keep that thought in mind woman and no more getting bogged down like you did this morning!!

As you can tell by the above I was once again just 'thinking out loud' so hope some of it at least makes some semblance of sense.  It's amazing how writing stuff down does clear the old head.


  1. Oh, I can't wait to see a pic of your rose Mimsie. I need to try to squeeze a few more roses into my garden... x

  2. Hi PPMJ....My rose is still in its infancy but if you check out Kakka's blog (menopausal mumma) of 27 October you will see multi pics of her chameleon in all it's glory. It doesn't grow into a huge bush so I am sure you would find a spot for it in your garden. xx

  3. I'd love to see the rose when it blooms, in the meantime I'll check out Kakka's.