Friday, November 2, 2012


It's strange how our thoughts often fly backwards to days of yore.  I have recently been wondering at the strangeness of our spring weather in Perth and the extremes we have experienced over past weeks.  Daytime temperatures up to 36C (96.8F) and down to as low as 18C (64.4F) this coming Sunday. 

Spring always is a time of constant change but it is also a time you begin to wonder "Do I pack away my winter clothes now?" or "Is it time I got out my summer clothes and freshened them up ready for the hot weather?"  Right now it means swapping from light clothing and then back to warmer wear every few days especially for my poor other half who feels the cold much more than I do.  For a couple of days he is wearing shorts and then it's back to the good old track pants around the house.

All this reminded me of a dear old lady I knew years ago.  She was my first husband's grandmother and she and I were great friends.  I would often wander down to her place for a visit and we would sit and have a cuppa and she would tell me what Perth was like in the late 1800s when she was a child here.  I used to be enthralled in all she had to tell me and I would try and imagine it as it was in her youth.

One of her favourite expressions during autumn when the weather would begin to cool down was "Summer 'nicks' off and winter 'drawers' on".  I often think fondly of Gran and can still hear her saying that with a grin on her face. 

Saw my dermatologist this morning and he zapped a couple of spots and told me I have to pop back when MOH sees him in February as he is little concerned about a 'spot' on my nose.  I also had an appt with my physio who worked on my poor old neck (painfully) but did it a load of good and has freed it up (considerably). 

After all the medical stuff I felt I needed a good laugh and it was thinking about Gran that was just the medicine I needed for a bit of fun and some oh fond memories.


  1. This weather is a little bit bonkers at the moment over on our east coast too. We had 37 degrees the other weekend, then down to 17 during the day last weekend in Kiama.

    I love these stories you're sharing - thank you x

  2. Summer nicks off and winter drawers on. I like that very much!
    We're having contrary weather here too.
    A week that was so warm I was dreading the coming summer, then overnight a change that had me bringing the heater back in and putting the trackies and sweatshirt back on.
    Two days of going to work in just my shirt (and the pants!)then the third morning I had to wear both cardigan and jacket! At the bus stop I wished I had my gloves on too, the wind was so very cold.

  3. Weird weather in Canberra too. I have been dreading Summer and we had a few days to remind me just how ugly it can be. And then a few cooler days and now it is warming up again. Quite contrary and my body is not happy.
    Have a wonderful weekend - free of any medical appointments.