Sunday, March 25, 2012


Thursday morning we found that Precious had brought us a baby rat which we were very grateful for but which was discarded into the bin but we didn't tell her that.  She had been hunting so quite fit and healthy.

Friday morning began as normal with Precious demanding her bowl of bikkies and off she went outside.  MOH and I became rather concerned though when 9 hours later she hadn't returned home.  She is always asking for her fish dinner at about 5pm and here it was gone 6pm and no sign of her.  We had both called her several times during the day but seening any sign of her.

MOH went out again just before the sun set (6.15pm) and she came to his call and inside she came.  Fish dinner presented to her but she wouldn't eat it nor wanted her biscuits or even a drink of water.  She went and curled up on the mat in our living room and, apart from changing her position occasionally, she slept for 5 hours.

I feared the worst as I had heard a slight altercation between Precious and a neighbouring cat in our back garden on the Wednesday afternoon.  Had she sustained a cat bite or been scratched?  I could find no injury or even a sore spot anywhere on her but that doesn't always mean much.

At about 11.20pm as MOH and I headed for bed Precious woke up and followed us and sprang up on to my bed which I felt was a good sign.  At least she could jump OK.

After the usual teeth cleaning etc., jobs preceding bed had been completed MOH and I curled up in our respective beds and settled down to reading.  Precious was on the side of my bed but not lying down as such.  I heard her head more or less hit the mattress and immediately sat up and checked if she was OK.  I lifted her head and it was completely floppy.  I thought she was dead but no, she stirred and settled down again.  I actually lifted her head about 3 times and it was as though she was lifeless.

After lights out Precious came up and curled up right next to my shoulder and it was in that position or further up right next to my pillow that she slept all night.  I really felt a visit to the vet would be on the agenda the next morning.

Wrong again.  She woke up and began eating her previous night's dinner and even a few biscuits and had a drink of water.  Her head and nose had felt warm the night before but now her nose was cool and damp as we believe they should be in healthy animals.

MOH accompanied her outside that morning to make sure there were no unwanted visitors in our yard and after she made a little visit to the sand in the garden she seemed pleased to come back inside.  She was quiet the rest of Saturday but eating and drinking without a problem and appeared her happy, healthy self.  She spent some time outside during the afternoon and even went out for a short while in the evening but kept close to the house.

This morning MOH and I slept in (well it IS Sunday) and at 9.20am we were awakened by much loud miaowing from Precious who was waiting outside the kitchen door demanding we fill up her biscuit bowl.  She had eaten all those that had been left out for her the previous night so her appetite had returned completely.  She had also eaten all her dinner on Saturday night and, although she slept with us during the night for short spells, she was back to her favourite past-time of looking out on the garden through the back windows.  There is still quite a bit of the nocturnal animal in Precious although she has adapted quite well to the human way of life.

Today she is absolutely back to her old self and you'd never know that Friday had actually happened the way it had.

All we can say is we are so thankful that our little furry friend is OK as the way we felt when she hadn't come home on Friday evening made us realise just how much we would miss her if anything happened to her.

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