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I am not sure just how long we lived in Clive Street, West Perth but I think when we moved to 67 Auckland Street, North Perth (some post office directories show it as Leederville) I was about 8 years old.  The house was owned by a Mr and Mrs Harvey Coombs.  I think Mr C was away in the Air Force and Mrs C decided to rent out the main part of the house to a family while she lived in a room at the back.  I know she worked and was seldom home so this suited everyone.  She was a very nice person.

The house was fully equipped with very nice furniture although I can't fully recall the layout of the house.  I did have an indoor bedroom but during the summer months I would sleep on the back verandah which I think had a canvas blind for privacy.  It was quite safe to do this way back then.

I used to catch the bus into Perth as I was still going to Victoria Square College so more travelling to do.  All this shifting from suburb to suburb is I am sure one reason I was never in the one place long enough to make permanent friends.  I had friends at school of course but they lived in entirely different suburbs to those we lived in.

During the time in Auckland Street I remember having measles quite badly (there was an epidemic that year) and apparently I was also unwell with nasty pains high up on the right side of my abdomen.  Mum took me to a doctor in Mt Hawthorn who said I had kidney problems and shouldn't eat red meat.  As dad used to come home for his lunch he and mum would have their red meat at lunchtime and I would have perhaps fish or chicken or similar for dinner at night.  I think this went on for a couple of years and of course we found out a few years later that I did not have kidney problems but a grumbling appendix.

The only other significant thing I can remember while in Auckland Street was Molly our cat having kittens on my bed.  It was when I was sleeping on the verandah and I woke up to the sound of mewing and watched in awe as the little kittens were born.  I was delighted to be part of this wonder and it didn't worry me in the least.  I remember Mrs Coombs being horrified that I (at age 8) had seen this happen but mum said she saw no harm in it as it was all part of learning about life.

I doubt I remember this happening so mum must of course have told me about it.  Apparently Mr and Mrs Coombs were separating so it was decided the house was to be sold.  We were once again on the move but mum and dad did buy the furniture so next time we would be looking for an empty house to rent.

Oh yes, one last thing.  Living in a corner house not far from us was an elderly French lady. Whenever I walked past her house and she was outside she would always speak to me and was so friendly.  I believe she gave me a lovely pair of brown shoes that were a little large for her.  They were beautiful leather and I would wear them quite proudly when going out with my folks.  Funny the thing you remember.

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