Saturday, November 19, 2011


Last December MOH had a really bad virus and with a cough that hung on for many weeks.  He was even too sick to enjoy his own birthday but fortunately got well enough to enjoy Christmas.  More recently he had a similar infection complete with cough so off we went to the doctor.  He was given antibiotics specific for this type of infection and over a matter of several weeks he gradually got better.

We had reason to see the doctor again (for scripts etc) and I mentioned that MOH had never had a lung function test and as he'd been told he had mild emphysemia back in 2006 and was using asthma type puffers I was surprised that this hadn't been done.  The doctor decided a chest x-ray would also be a good idea so off MOH went for that and the lung function test.

The x-ray came back showing what appeared as a nodule on his right lung.  Straight off to have a CT scan of his chest and a 2 day wait that seemed like 2 months.  To cut a long story short off we went back to our doctor yesterday afternoon for the dreaded results.  GOOD NEWS.  It would seem there was a type of scarring on his lung most possibly as a result of a lower respiratory tract infection.  He of course still has emphysema and some bronchial damage but the relief we felt that the 'nodule' was not something nasty was overwhelming.

The lung function test showed somewhat decreased lung capacity but the doctor said that was nothing to worry about as MOH had been a smoker (he gave up over 40 years ago) and this would partly be attributable to that and also his age.

To celebrate we had take away Chinese for dinner (and it was delicious) and both breathed a big sigh of relief.  This type of happening though is more or less a wake up call that we are indeed getting somewhat older and should perhaps make more definite plans for our future.

One good thing though is that MOH will be able to enjoy his 82nd birthday in a couple of weeks time.

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  1. OH phew - what a worry few days for you, but nice to know that the lungs are all okay. xx