Sunday, November 13, 2011


Yesterday my lovely daughter and her hubby celebtrated their 34th wedding anniversary and it got me to thinking about how and when they met.

Way back in the 1970s MOH and I used to play badminton in a hall near our home.  They were a great bunch of folk and among them were two young men that I liked very much.  My daughter at that time was on her own with her little girl and I thought it may be nice for her to join in and play badminton with us and also meet these two young men as well.

She came along to the hall and with her little girl being so well behaved she was able to bring her along too which was great.  She (our daughter and not the 2 year old) seemed to enjoy herself and played badminton quite well and got on so well with the people that we invited them as well as family and other friends, along to the 21st birthday party we arranged for her.   We felt sad that she was on her own so hired a hall, had the party catered for and had a DJ to put on some music so there could be dancing as well.  We had a lovely cake made and I also made my daughter a very pretty dress to wear. You did that type of thing for 21st birthdays way back then.

Eventually one of the young men asked our lass to go on a date and their friendship grew from there until finally there was a marriage, 3 children to add to the little girl my daughter already had so a nice family of 6, and today they are real soul mates and it always makes my heart so glad that I was instrumental in them meeting.  They have had their ups and down but have always come up smiling and I can only hope they have many, many more happy years ahead to spend together.  I love them both very much and they are wonderful to MOH and me in our declining years for which I thank them so much.


  1. What a lovely story - and a sweet bit of serendipity that your daughter and her husband came together. Happy anniversary to the two of them x

  2. Thanks PPMJ I will pass on your wishes to them both.