Sunday, September 25, 2011


I hope so rather than it be a train coming in the opposite direction!

Had scans and x-ray of bad shoulder yesterday and I have a full thickness tear in my supraspinatus tendon. I also have a bursa on my left hip which would have resulted from the same fall that caused my dislocated shoulder.

Now we know what the damage is I am hoping beyond hope that my GP can now do something to give me back full use of my arm which will also hopefully reduce the constant ache in that arm.

All this is one reason I've not been back blogging.  My eyes are great but still have to have 4 x 3 drops each day in the left one and an ordinary eye drop in the right eye to try and help it put up with some of the allergies that come with our spring weather.  Looking forward to seeing the specialist for a final OK on 21st October and then mid-November off to get tested for new specs.

When there are aches and pains and other medical problems one doesn't want to constantly be grizzling about them as that is boring for all of us but at times like this one's mind tends to dwell on everything that is wrong.  There are millions of folk in the world that in many different ways are far worse off than I am but at this moment in time it is my problems that I have to confront.  They tend to take over and one's concentration is upset so best to withdraw for a while until all is well again and one can think normally.

Hopefully come Christmas 2011 all will well again, or as well as can be expected by someone as ancient as I am.

Once again I hope everyone in blogging land is well and happy.  Just keep loving each other and the world will be a much better place.

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