Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have often mentioned that I don't get out and about much because of my limited ability to walk very much.

Today I suggested to MOH that perhaps we should go and have a nice lunch at our favourite little cafe in a nearby shopping centre and he readily agreed so it was both of us into the shower (one after the other of course) and off we set.

We both had salmon patties with very well cooked chips and a light salad on the side. Delicious. This cafe has recently been renovated and is always really neat and clean and their food is well cooked and nicely presented and the young staff are very pleasant.

I then went to Big W to buy Easter eggs for family and friends and was able to find some 70% dark chocolate for MOH. When we do eat chocolate we choose the dark variety as it is better for our health and being diabetics we are limited to how much we can have at any one time. Once at Easter we would eat all our eggs in a couple of days but now we manage to make them last, not that we get that many but there are always a few each for us.

MOH had mentioned that he'd like to buy a new lightweight jacket so while he popped the Easter eggs in the car I went in search of a jacket in Big W. They had quite a variety and I did find a nice lightweight one which I pointed out to him. He tried it on and found it was just what he was after and even a little less than $25 which was even more to his liking. Incidentally I had told him that if he was to buy a new jacket then it made sense to perhaps get rid of one of the old ones and I hope he does.

I've not said much about MOH buying a larger than usual size. He has for some time been using insulin injections three times a day for his daibetes and unfortunately the use of insulin tends to stack on the kilos and always around the middle which is not good healthwise but seems to be unavoidable. The weather has been so very hot for well over three months that MOH has not been playing golf nor going for his quite often daily walk so hopefully that will change when it is cooler.

While I sat and rested MOH went to Woolworths to buy a few provisions we needed for tonight's tea....bread, ham and the like. and then we headed back to the car.

I had used my walker but when I got home after only about two and half hours I was so sore I could hardly move but after resting I gradually came good although tonight I'm still a tad body weary. I used to ache in my lower back but the aches now have spread upwards as far as my neck so I do become a 'bit of a pain' for a while. Even MOH said he felt tired and a little stiff but then he always complains that shopping makes him feel like that. Walking round the golf course doesn't seem to affect him that way!!

All in all it was nice to get out and about and I wish I could do it more often and perhaps now the cooler weather is just around the corner a visit to the river or similar might just be on the cards. At least today I got some much needed exercise which is very important.

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