Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I first met my son-in-law before he had even met my daughter and I liked him instantly. I introduced the two of them and they seemed to hit it off immediately and it grew from there and eventually they married and have three children but that is another story. There actually are four children as he accepted my daughter's first child as his very own which was fantastic for all of them.

I am not sure if my son-in-law likes me or not but he always finds time to talk should I have reason to telephone him and he seems to care. I know he is very good to my daughter and has stuck with her through thick and thin and I love him for that. They have had some rough times and come through them really well.

What I notice though is that he does seem to have concern about me, and MOH as well, and an example was on Sunday when we went to #3 granddaughter's apartment for morning coffee and buns to celebrate Easter. Was a great morning too.

There are 15 steps up to her apartment (and down of course) and I am not at all good on stairs these days but made it up there OK. When we were leaving it was my son-in-law that offered to go down with me. I told him I would be OK and MOH said he's go first so I could land on him if anything went wrong. Not a good idea as I'd probably have squashed him. The point I am making is that son-in-law cared enough to want to help and he stayed at the top of the staircase until he was sure I'd made it down safely. I really appreciated that and although he is most unlikely to see this blog I just wanted to show how happy I was that he showed he cared. Thanks to a great bloke.


  1. I will pass this on to him for you. He certainly is the right man for me and all our family. xxx

  2. I didn't want to embarrass the lad but you know him better than I do Kakka so leave it up to you.