Sunday, March 7, 2010


I am finding that the art of actually talking seems to be terribly out fashion; I mean the art of having a conversation with friends and loved ones. This appears to be the case particularly among the young.

It is fine to receive an email occasionally or chat on Facebook but what I miss is the sound of the voices of people of whom I am fond. My husband and I talk but you can't go on chatting to each other all the time, besides he does enjoy reading and is not one for idle chat. We do have some quite in depth conversations at times about all sorts of topics and for this I am truly grateful.

I do telephone people and we talk which is great but I am nearly always the one that does the telephoning so I wonder perhaps whoever I ring doesn't really want to talk but is just being polite. If they did really want to talk would they not perhaps telephone me occasionally. I also find people don't have time to talk or just can't be bothered. It seems that texting on one's mobile has also taken the place of real conversation which to me is sad.

There is a lady of 87 who lives in Canberra (she is actually my ex-sister-in-law) and she does ring me and we have talked for up to 3 hours which to some people may seem excessive (this is not weekly but more like every 6 weeks perhaps). She and I can converse on any topic which is another disadvantage with many people these days as so many subjects seem to be considred taboo.

To me there is nothing like a friendly discussion about politics, football, art, religion or even the weather and one doesn't have to fall out about any of these subjects but agree to differe. It is only through discussion that one can learn about each other and when listening to their views also learn more about a subject.

All I know is I would love to hear the voices of those people that I care about more often than I do but I guess I have to learn to live the modern way of life which is not to my liking but over which I have very little control. Could it just be a case of out of sight, out of mind???


  1. Well in my case I just don't like talking on the phone, it bugs me no end as I can never get comfortable, plus I suppose I don't necessarily like talking unless I have something to say. But I always try and be a good listener when needed.

  2. My comment also did not register so here goes again. Your reply does not even begin to solve my problem. I love to talk to people, even briefly, to know they are OK hear news of what they have been doing and their plans. It may be 'cos I am not able to go out much that I perhaps am wanting to enjoy my life through the enjoyment of others. If this is the case, it may be very selfish of me but that is not my intent. Also, I do not want to appear to be nosey; it is rather that I care about those of whom I am fond.