Wednesday, March 3, 2010


A lady at our exercise group this morning said "I won't be here next week. We are going away for a week". Now this same lady had been overseas with her husband last month as one of their daughters had shouted them a holiday for a wedding anniversary, and here she was off again. This time they were going to their son's beach house near Mandurah.

I was thinking about this later today and realised it is nearly 9 years since we had a holiday anywhere, even overnight. I often tell myself I don't really want to go away as I would have come home again!! The type of holiday I would love to have is in an old fashioned guest house like the one my folks and I used to go to twice a year (Christmas and Easter) in Mandurah. Three meals a day served in the dining room, a nice bedroom and share bathrooms with other guests. Same folk year after year like an annual 'family reunion'.

Not sure there is much sense in renting a unit or house if you still have to make all your own meals, as quite often the mod cons you have at home are better than those where you are staying which can be so frustrating.

One reason we can't afford an expensive holiday is because we have kept up our private health insurance which pretty well prevents us taking a 'good' holiday. We had to do this mainly because of my arthritic problems and just as well we did as two hip ops in the past 2 years were well and truly covered and we received far more than we had paid over a number of years.

I think it would probably do my other half and me good to have break as we are probably becoming a little bogged down but just when or where is a problem. I think of the wonderful holidays we had years back when we would take our grandchildren away with us for a holiday. Those were the days when you could rent an old beach house very close to the beach and the kids would have a wonderful time even in cooler weather searching for 'things' in rock pools etc. Such happy memories and unfortunately not to be repeated. Is that type of holiday still feasible? I doubt it as everything has to be so posh these days and it all costs so much.

Perhaps a good Lotto win will come along before too long and my dream holiday can be achieved....who knows.....miracles do happen.

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