Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I must admit I do love winter although I definitely do not like thunderstorms. Of late I have noticed quite a number of people complaining about grey skies, windy conditions, rain etc. etc. It seems that grey skies can cause depression among certain people and I am sure this has been scientifically proven, however I never feel depressed at this time of year. I do love autumn and spring weather when the temperatures range from 20C to 25C (my perfect type of weather) but I also don't mind when the days are cold. I can rug up to keep warm but can never get cool enough during hot weather which for me is anything about 30C. My ancestors came from northern Scotland and Denmark and I often stop and wonder can our genetics actually have an effect on our preference for even the weather. I was born in Western Australia so should by age 77 be climatised but don't think that will happen at this late stage of my life. I wonder if others out there find constant blue skies and hot, hot days as depressing as others find the grey skies of winter and the rain and wind that comes with that season. An interesting thought.

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