Thursday, May 28, 2009


It is great to discover that there are now three generations of us all blogging away in our own distinctive way. My blogs are few and far between and being written by an 'oldie' probably don't hold a lot of interest but I do it anyway!! My daughter is able to express herself more completely than I do and is an expert with words (perhaps we older people are a little too reserved at times?) and now my granddaughter is writing about being a young mum with her experiences along the way. I have just been checking our her blog and find it particularly interesting and I so in agreement with her views on children. I had had nothing to do with babies or children before my daughter was born when I was 23 (in my teenage years there were two nieces I only saw occasionally) and here is Christie with her vast experience as a teacher etc. I can only wish her well. She too has a wonderful way of expressing herself and I look forward to reading all future blogs. I love you both so much.
P.S. I now realise of course that Immy has had her own blog for some time so there are actually FOUR generations doing it. I hope Immy will keep her own blog going as well.

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