Friday, May 8, 2009

HOW OFTEN I WONDER...................

....should I write about how I feel, about the past, my hopes for the future? Is it good for me to put my thoughts into print (THEY say it is good for us to do so) or should I keep them in my head and mull them over without sharing?
I often think of my adoptive parents and how good they were to me through the years of my youth (and beyond in my mum's case); about my real parents and what life would have been like with them. I don't really think that 'what if's?' are good for us as events that we had no control over are long past even though they may have shaped our lives in some small, or large, way.
I think all the time of my children and their families and how wonderful it would be if my son was still in contact with us and give thanks that my daughter still is even though at times we may drive her to distraction. That happens in families as different generations have different points of view, although eventually the next generation often comes to realise where the oldies were coming from.
This blog of mine would be a wonderful outlet for my thoughts as they meander through my head so perhaps it is time I worked out just what it is I would like to 'talk' about and how much of it I need to get out into the open. Perhaps I'm a little old for any soul searching to be of much help to me or anyone else and living in the past may not be good and yet maybe....who knows??
None of the above may have made much sense but I at least know what I'm on about which I hope will be helpful to me if to nobody else, at least for the present.
So....all I can say is this "Watch this space".

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