Monday, April 20, 2009


After having missed half of Easter in hospital and missing out on seeing any of my family, the week has certainly ended better than it began.

I've been taking it quietly (do I ever do other than that these days?) as I was told to do for a week after my angiogram. On Friday our lovely daughter spent three hours with us which was fantastic. She brought me a beautiful bunch of Sweet William which 4 days later are looking as fresh as ever. I've never seen them for sale as cut flowers before but would certainly recommend them. Must ask her where she bought them but I think it would have been in Fremantle and thank you my darling.

On Sunday our oldest granddaughter, her hubby and their delightful 14-month-old daughter (our youngest great-granddaughter) came for afternoon tea. It was wonderful to see them and I was actually able to pick the little one up and pop her on my knee. Not that she wanted to stay for long as she is a real live wire but it was just great that I was able to do it after all this time. I was able to give them their Easter eggs (others had to be sent on to grandies via their mum...I am sure they got them O.K.) and GGD knew just what to do with her little rabbit....but darling you are not supposed to eat the silver paper as well!! AND who was it pinched my apple??? Your mum didn't know you could eat a whole apple did she, but she soon found out you knew just how to tackle it. I think she might still cut them up for you untiil you are a little older...just in case.

Today I actually went shopping (took my walker of course) and had no real problem which was also terrific. We decided to have a light lunch so had some delicious hamburgers at a little cafe we often visit. They were really yummy too.

My granddaughter had told me yesterday that she wanted to learn to crochet so I bought her a lovely book on that subject and also some yarn same as she'd seen at my place and liked so now she can also do the knitting she was wanting to do. Nice to have someone in the family that is that way inclined....likes to knit, sew and crochet which are pasttimes/hobbies I've always enjoyed so much. She will possibly be better at them all than I have been as she has a wonderful imagination.

So....the week ended on a better note and with much of tonight's dinner already prepared things are so far going pretty well. The old ticker still skips a beat, or pops in an extra one, whichever it is, but why worry about that....I was told that I am okay so why not believe what I'm told. Who am I to argue with experts??

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