Friday, April 3, 2009

A good day today

Not sure what happened just now but I am not really a person of so few words : )
It is now 11.04 on FRIDAY, 3 April (wish they'd get the dates right on this blog) and I am feeling good.
My dear husband had a great day talking to the medical students at UWA yesterday and did make the comment about how many more Asian students there seem to be each year. His comment was that he feels that the parents of Asian students are much more strict on their children about study and the like and I think he could have a point there. They do work hard and their are some wonderful Asian doctors. Our dermatologist is Asian and he is a very caring young man and it is always a pleasure to pay a visit to him. He looks after both of us very well.
I think one reason I am feeling good today is that a confusing incident had arisen on eBay about payments received/not received but it has now all been sorted out hopefully to everyone's satisfaction. There can be little problems now and again on eBay but this one was a beauty. All about a person not leaving a reference when making a deposit and the other person's bank being dreadfully slow in making the transfer.
The main reason today is good is that my lovely daughter is popping in to have lunch with us. She works hard at her job, and her spare time is always pretty well booked up as well but it will be terrific to see her even for an hour or two. She tries to divide herself between her four children (mainly her three daughters actually), her husband of course, and us. Not easy to do but I do my best not to be too demanding which is not always easy as I just love to spend time with her. If this worldwide financial crisis had not arisen she may may have contemplated working less hours and perhaps job sharing but with superannuation being hit so hard much thought must go into when or if a person will work less hours or even think about eventual retirement.
Had my (half) 'flu shot yesterday and even so that spot on my arm is a little swollen and warm but not as bad as previous years so will have to decide whether or not to have a 'full' shot next year. The next few days will probably give me the answer. I wish more people would consider having a 'flu shot as it seems to have protected my husband and me for several years. We did contract a nasty virus about 16 months ago but it arrived via passengers from a liner that was docked in Fremantle. That virus had affected about 50% or more of the passengers on the ship (and some very badly) and it was thought to have been brought on board by people from the U.S. so it was quite possibly a strain not contained in the 'flu shot we'd had that year. Have to check when we had our last anti-pneumonia injection as that should be every 5 years. Mmm, important to check on that so must make a note in my diary.
Oh, my daughter could be here in a short while so best get myself into gear and make sure I have all I need to make our lunch. 'Bye for now.


  1. Had a lovely time catching up with you too Mum.

    However one small point - I do try and see all my children not just my daughters - but my son just happens to work in hospitality which means when I am not working he usually is which is hard as I love spending time with him. Luckily we got to have breakfast at the Boodock household last Sunday and he was not working until the afternoon. It was really nice to see him again as I hadn't since mid-January.

  2. You may have taken me wrongly about you seeing your daughters. I know the difficulty you have catching up with your 4th child which I think is why I worded it the way I did. I can assure you there was no hidden meaning in what I said.