Saturday, January 14, 2017


Sorry I missed the royalty post on Thursday but it's been a funny old week and I just didn't get to it.  Next week for sure I'll be back with the rest of the story I began last week.

Now I am going to ask you a strange question.  Is it possible to be delighted and yet sad at the same time? 😊😢

 On 9th January my 4th great-granddaughter arrived on the scene, the daughter of my son and her husband are the parents.     I have told the story of how Steve decided on 2 January, 2002 that he wanted nothing further to do with our family (or his father either) and how his daughter and her partner flew to South Africa to marry quietly and avoid any family problems here in Perth.  Not sure what that was all about but I do know my son did not like the lad his daughter was seeing for some reason.   This is my d-in-law with the new baby.

I also told how my daugher-in-law Dianne had kept in touch with me throughout the past 15 years letting me know how they all were and sending the photos from time to time.  I've appreciated her so much for doing this for me but the one thing I'd been dreading was news of one of their 2 children producing a child.   Di emailed me at the end of December to tell me their daughter Jess was expecting a baby within a week or so.  I was of course delighted for them and eventually received a photo of the new baby along with an email from Di saying that Jasmine had arrived and weighed 8lb 3oz.  This is my son Steven with Jasmine.

The sad part for me, of course, is the fact that I will not actually see the baby or be able to hold her and if I pursued the matter I know I would only cause trouble in their little family.  I am sure that now Jess and Ryan have their baby, Steve will feel more benevolent towards his son-in-law, or at least I hope so for everyone's sake.

Although I had anticipated this event taking place I still find it very difficult not to be part of the celebrations of the birth of Jasmine.   I know Di will send me photos as the little one grows up but it will never be quite the same as being part of the family as a whole.  Am I silly feeling this way?  I didn't see Steve's two children grow from young teenagers to adults and this has hurt me rather a lot over the last 15 years.  Jess was 15 when I last saw her and she is now 30 and James was 13 and he is now 28. 

Apart from the above which I guess has occupied my mind more than anything else this week, we had some more hot weather, I saw my endocrinologist on Wednesday and he seems reasonably happy with me with just an adjustment to my insulin and I see him again in May.  Phil and I visited our podiatrist on Thursday and our feet smiled again and of course our lovely Jenny cleaned the house Thursday morning so it too is smiling once more.  We will miss out in two weeks time as her day here falls on 26th January which is Australia Day and a public holiday.  Phil and I will just have to be extra clean and tidy during that four weeks.  😇

I do hope this didn't come over as all doom and gloom as I am delighted to have another great-granddaughter......but with reservations as mentioned above.

Hope everyone will have a great weekend and rest up before facing the new week on Monday.


  1. Of course it is happy to be happy and sad about the same event.
    I am so glad that you at least get to see pictures. Your daughter in law knows that you care, and hopefully will pass that knowledge on.

    1. Thanks ED for understanding.
      I know Di will never let me down and will keep the pics coming. Sigh.

  2. I understand. I have 5 great-grands and I've only seen the oldest one. Distance can be a problem.

    1. Unfortunately distance is not a problem in this case as they only live several miles away and always have, thus my sadness.

  3. I understand too. I have grandchildren that I don't see much of unless they need a babysitter or money. I've told them I can no longer give money since they never pay it back and I have limited income, so now I only see them when I stay overnight so the parents get some time off. That's about once every five years :(
    Your newest great granddaughter looks like a sweetie, all that hair! And I think your daughter in law is wonderful for keeping you in touch with what is happening and sending photos too :)

    1. Thanks River and I know you understand. I guess I'd be happy if I saw them every five years but in this case I think never is more likely.
      Di certainly has done her best to keep me in the loop and I love her for it.