Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I was trying to think of something that would be of interest to everybody but nothing came to mind for which I apologise.

You must forgive me for not commenting on blogs (or even visiting for the past week or so) but I had an injection in my shoulder last Wednesday (under guidance) and was told not to do any repetitive movements for 48 hours.  That included using the mouse of my computer so I was literally grounded. Since then I've been very careful and find that typing is more trying than anything else I do so couldn't even finish the latest "in and around Perth" I had begun.

I saw my physiotherapist today and had her test my shoulder movement and although she said it's not perfect she feels it is better than early last week and seems less painful.  I am still hoping to get more relief over the next two weeks but can only hope.   I was reading up about frozen shoulders and may have already said that 10% of the general population suffer from that malady but 40% of we diabetics have it at some time and often more than once.  When I had it about 10 years ago one injection from my GP fixed it overnight but I guess you can't always be that lucky.

I also read that it can take up to two years for complete remission and my daughter, after two years, is finding hers is much better than it was.  It may be a minor complaint compared to those others suffer but it is the damned inconvenience of not being able to comb my hair properly, put a jacket on or even dry my back after a shower, all without help.  You normally do those things automatically but when you can't you do get frustrated.

Did I tell you that last year my GP told me that mild anti-depressants can help relieve pain?  When I saw him a couple of weeks back I brought up the subject with him and he said yes, we could try them.  I am only on a 10mg tablet and can go to 20mg if no side effects but will stay on the 10mg for now.  Two of the side effects I didn't like the sound of were increased or decreased blood glucose and weight increase.  I weighed myself last Sunday week and then again on Sunday and had actually lot 1.5kg which pleased me.   As cortisone can increase the blood glucose I've not tested this past week but will tomorrow just to see what's what.   Also have to have blood tests tomorrow as see my endocrinologist on Wednesday 15th.

This is sounding like a medical report so apologise for that.   After seeing Jenny, Phil and I went to a little cafe at Phoenix Shopping Centre for an enjoyable meal.  I had hand pulled roast beef and roast vegies and Phil had his favourite tuna pattie with chips and salad.  It seemed the cafe may have changed hands again but the people were very nice and the food was good.  What more can an old couple ask when they decide to have a meal out?


  1. Hari OM
    I had guessed there may be some medical stuff when I didn't 'see' you up on screen... you are doing the right things following through on treatment and resting, Mimsie, so please don't apologise! We'll be here each time you need an 'ear'...&*> YAM xx

  2. Fingers and toes crossed that your shoulder continues to improve - and doesn't take its time about it.
    Apologies NOT necessary. Your health and well being come first. And second. And third.

  3. Sorry to hear your shoulder is still giving trouble. You're doing the right thing by not blogging or commenting too much. My own shoulders are giving trouble, from the repetitive movements of course.
    Please look after yourself. Your meal out looks very yummy.