Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I have really felt quite lost after posting all 242 pages of my mother's book Clock of Time.   Reliving all those years with her made me feel rather insignificant in the scheme of things compared with her achievements.  Sort of set me back a peg of two and I asked myself what can I now contribute here on my blog that would even compare in a small way?

What may suffice for now is to chat on Tuesdays about little things in my life that cheer me.

Recently was 'chatting' on Facebook to a nephew of mine (this from my official family) about Len, my adopted half brother) who you would remember was mentioned several times in mum's book. 

Steve managed to find lots of information for me about Len being in the RAAF and one surprising document he found was Len's will which he had made on 23rd September, 1940 when I was 8 years old.  This is the will itself which is too difficult to read so explanation below:

It of course begins with the usual THIS IS THE LAST WILL of me Henry Leonard Ruston etc etc and named dad as his Executor etc etc........and then:

"To my wife I desire to leave all properties owned by me and all monies and possessions, with the exception of twenty pounds (£20) which is to be given to my sister Miss Peggy Ruston of 67 Auckland St, Mt Hawthorn at the age of 21 years."

To find this out 75 years later was such a surprise to me and it was wonderful that he cared so much about his little sister and £20 was quite a good sum of money in 1940.  I imagine it would have been put into a trust fund, earning interest until I was 21.

Of course in later years Len and Jean had two daughters and Len's will would have been changed, possibly several times.  The whole point is my brother included me in what probably was his very first will and it cheered me up no end just thinking about it.  I knew then that he loved me very much.


  1. What a lovely find. The marvels of modern technology do give us some things we would never find any other way.
    I love that the bequest was to be held for you until you were twenty-one too.

  2. That sweet that he cared enough about you to make sure you had something.
    I enjoy your posts, and appreciate how you take the time to post places of interest.

  3. How nice that your brother thought of you in his first will.
    I haven't made a will yet, I probably should, but I don't have any money or property to leave anybody, the only things I have of value are my books and dvds. I don't even own jewellery.

  4. Hari OM
    This is a treasure in its own way - beyond the measure of the $20! (I have watched and shared Shady Lady movie with my family and they are all very impressed with it!)

    Oh and Mimsie - there is NOTHING useless about you ol'gal'!!!!!! Hugs, YAM-aunty xxx