Thursday, June 5, 2014


Here we are once again looking back on the past week and searching for the 'right' things that have taken place.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were rather quiet (the football team I follow won their match which was good) and we began to pack up books etc., to make way for the carpet due to be laid the following Wednesday.

On Monday my daughter rang to ask if we would like to drive up to their home for afternoon tea.  "Yes" said we "we'd love to".  This is more than something 'right' it is something 'SPECIAL' as they are busy people and we don't see them as often as we'd like to.  They had their oldest granddaughter staying with them so it was a bonus seeing her at the same time.  We spent an enjoyable few hours with them before driving home.

 It was a long weekend in Perth (Western Australia Day holiday) and we were surprised by just how much traffic there was on the roads on the way home.  Perth people love to get away for long weekends and I think many of the cars were returning from down south.

Tuesday I had a session with my physio Jenny and she found some spots that were very tight and sore but she did me a lot of good (tears in eyes again this time).  She has also told me I have to lay as flat on my back as I can for 30 minutes each day to try and stretch the muscles around my abdomen and hips and even my ribs.  Because of my back, even when I use my walker, I tend to lean forward and in doing so cramp up those muscles which end of so tight they become very painful.  I did lay down for 15 minutes yesterday and will gradually increase the time until I stay for the full 30 minutes.  I can't read on my back so will have to listen to the radio to pass the time.  I've never been one to have a nap in the daytime (can't sleep so not worth trying) but must do this for my own sake. 

Wednesday morning the phone rang at about 8.30 and it was the carpet layer to say he would be here in 20-30 minutes.  Fortunately we were both up (early for us) so I told him OK.  I was a wee bit annoyed as we'd been told to expect him between 10-12.  Fortunately we'd cleared everything out the night before.  I was surprised he was on his own as there were the 3 big bookcases, a desk, a lounge and two armchairs to move but he wasn't worried and the 2 chairs, the bookcases and the desk went out onto the front verandah.  Our first fine day for a while which was fortunate under the circumstances.   Phil lamented the fact that he can't do what he once did as he watched this young man pick up the bookcases and walk with them as though they didn't weigh very much.   So, 4 hours later the carpet was down and it looks, and feels, just great.  I don't know how Choices managed to do it for us, but do it they did, and I am not one to ask questions.  This carpet is a light colour, as is the vinyl in the kitchen, and it has lightened the living room up considerably.  Like the bench top it has specks in so hopefully won't show the dirt too much.  I'd love to show you but I left my camera down at Baldivis late April and I've still not got it back.  Perhaps another time.

I hope the past week has been good to you with more 'rights' than 'wrongs' and the coming week will be the same.


  1. I love your rights - some very, very special ones this week. Long may it continue.

  2. I am so glad you now have new floor coverings, I hope he put the furniture back in the right place for you. It's a big job packing and unpacking, then you would gave had fluffy bits to vacuum after the carpet layer. It's never ending is it, one job leads to another always x

  3. Wow a carpet layer being early rather than late?? That's a new one :)

  4. It is annoying when people turn up earlier than expected, but at least it is better than much later, because then you sit and worry that he won't turn up at all. and now you have a lovely new carpet!
    I laughed at the young man carrying bookcases as if they weighed nothing!
    Nice that you had a visit for afternoon tea.

  5. Hari Om
    Whooopy-doo - milestone right!! Photos would be good when you get that camera back...if you are like me you feel naked without; the camera is to me what mobile phones are to so many others.

    The week for me has been about gearing up for visitors; it is a great incentive to do some of those fiddly, 'tomorrow' tasks!!! YAM xx

  6. Those are fantastic 'rights'. Our right was lots of rain night before last. We were in need. Also I found a shirt I liked at the store and got in in three colours. Another right.

  7. Oh you had some great rights and I am sure the carpet looks very pretty.
    Jenny sounds like someone I should be visiting. Hug B