Sunday, December 22, 2013


I received this video via email.  I don't know if any of you have seen it but (if it works and you can view it...this is an experiment by me) it is well worth listening to.  She has the purest most delightful voice and happens to be singing one of my favourite (and Phil's too) songs.

I have hopefully managed to transfer it to my blog but on a second post.  If it doesn't work then I apologise but everyone I know who has heard this lass sing is overwhelmed by the beauty of her voice.

P.S. I've just checked it out and the video came through OK (on the second post) but for some reason it cut out half way through.  I hope it works better for you.  If not then perhaps you could get on the website and hear it; at least I hope you can.


  1. I have seen this video before. I love it, and she has an incredible voice, but I do hope that she is allowed to be a nine year old. It is a glorious song, but I would rather hear it from an adult. Which is quite possibly just me. Hopefully she is allowed to be a little girl and I am getting worried about nothing.

  2. I just answered River's comment where she thought the voice wonderful but was also concerned about the lass being allowed to remain a child for at least a while longer. My comment was that I thought she was dressed as a 9-year-old would be dressed (perhaps when dressing up a little), her hair was completely natural (mine used to be like that when I was 9) and there was no sign of any make-up at all which is a good sign. I feel that nobody pushed her into appearing on this talent show and that she just loves to sing. One can only hope that she is allowed to continue on with a normal life and should she not want to take up singing as a career, that she can pursue her other ambition. I am amazed that she has had no singing tuition at all but sometimes in this life, amazing does happen.