Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Things chance so quickly don't they?  Our car is back (the part arrived and by the time Phil arrived this morning the car was ready to drive home) but I'd already published this post so will leave it stand as I love the story about the ducks.......

Feel sad for our little car but not for us as Phil is now on his way to pick up a loan car from the RAC so we will have wheels again, hopefully until we get our little Getz back.

A lovely lady from the RAC rang us yesterday afternoon to tell us that sadly they've not yet been able to obtain the part they need to repair our car.  I thought with the number of Hyundai vehicles on the road parts would be easy to come by but obviously this is not so.

I checked on taxi fare to! $50.  Our dear daughter phoned yesterday evening to find out what was happening and when I told her the cab fare she immediately asked her hubby if he could take an hour off work to run Phil over to pick up the loan car.  Our wonderful son-in-law, being who he is, said he'd be glad to do that for us and it's fortunate that his office is not all that far from our home.

Thirty minutes ago our front door rang and there was B and now they are on their way northwards so we will soon have wheels again.  Wonder what it will be?  As long as it goes is the main thing.

Hope they don't get held up in traffic.  About an hour ago I heard on the radio that traffic was held up for a couple of kilometres on our Kwinana Freeway.  Paul Murray said he would try and find out what the hold up was and when he came back on air after some commercials he said the reason for the holdup was DUCKS.  Hopefully by now the ducks are safely across the freeway and the boys will get through OK.

I decided to search for pics of ducks crossing road but instead came across this book which was written about 60 years ago (it was on Wikipedia of course).  I believe it's still on sale so may be a nice book for a child.  I wonder if any of you has seen it over the years.  Mixed revues of course but apparently has great illustrations:

Traffic is quite often held up by mother ducks taking their ducklings from one place to another at this time of year.  It's amazing on roads where the speeds are up to 100km/hr that people manage to stop and drivers are patient enough to make sure the little creatures are safe.


  1. I am so glad that you are getting a loan car. It will make life so much easier for you both.
    And love, love, love that people stop to let the ducks through. It restores a little faith in humanity.

  2. Hey, guess what!!!! Phil came home with our baby car all fixed but now we are told the clutch is slipping. We can't afford a new car but seems this one may be costing us a bit in the future. It's in for a service next week so hopefully he can find out what the damage will be when we have to get the clutch done. money....are a necessary evil at times.
    I too feel like that about people and the ducks...there are human beings after all that do stop to smell the roses.

  3. Take heart Mimsie, perhaps when the clutch is repaired, you'll have years of trouble-free motoring once again. What a sage this has been for you both.
    I believe that baby animals and their parents can soften the hardest of hearts. Ducklings used to hold up the roads down in Tasmania when I lived there. When people were late to work because of that, they were mostly given a pat on the back!

    1. Thanks Rose....we can only hope 'cos this will be the last car for us unless we have a big win on Lotto which is highly unlikely going by our past record!!
      It's strange how tiny creatures do inspire kindness in most of us although I guess there's always an exception, more's the pity.
      I've heard the same here if a similar thing makes people late for work....'well done' is usually said.

  4. I like the way everyone will stop to let ducks cross roads, we used to have a family of ducks in Adelaide, every year at about the same time, people would watch for the ducklings to hatch and when mama duck took them across the road a policeman would hold up the traffic to make sure they made it safely.

    1. It truly does give us back a tad of faith in human nature to see that type of thing happen. It's quite common in various parts of Perth and its suburbs. The hold up this morning was one of our major freeways leading into the city itself. Even by the time Phil and B arrived the traffic was still quite slow but as B said "even if you can only do 60 it only takes a couple of more minutes than if you are doing 100 so why worry about it?" A good philosophy to have especially when driving a car.

  5. Car troubles are the pits.
    We have somewhat the same problem each spring/early summer when the Canada Geese and the Mallards have their annual population explosion. In areas by the rivers especially cars are held up while protective parents shoo their fluffy offspring across busy roads.

  6. Hari Om
    Oh Mimsie, I must have missed the news about the car..but am glad to read here that things are on the up. LOVED the ducklings story too, espcially since they have been featuring so much over at MENO recently!!

    Am typing this from Hilary's computer in the UK - finally here. Landed safely yesterday. Stay safe and well. YAM xx

  7. This was/is one of my favorite books. Have shared it with students,and each time they love it.

    I advised my sister (after her car broke the 3rd time) to employ an Indian Shaman.

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