Thursday, July 12, 2012


I was just reading my daughter's blog where she mentioned 'keepsakes' she had inherited from various family members and it made me realise how wonderful it would have been to have had grandparents, aunts etc., in my life.

My adopted parents had come from England and although dad had a son from a previous marriage (his first wife had died quite young) when I arrived on the scene Len was nearly 21 years old.  No other member of either family had emigrated so that was it for me....mum, dad and a half-brother.

Mum and dad's home on the farm burnt down before I was born so any heirlooms they had brought with them from England perished in that fire, all except dad's MBE medal which of course Len had after dad's death.

When I think of it now, it does seem strange that there are no family heirlooms in my home except a gold slave bangle that had belonged to my birth mother which I was fortunate to have given to me by an aunt when I met her several years ago.  That one precious keepsake hangs on the bedpost at the head of my bed and although I was never fortunate enough to meet my real mum, I keep that little part of her life nearby at all times.  So yes, I do have something that is very precious to me.  Otherwise I just have wonderful memories.

I am not in the least bit jealous but just feel so very pleased my daughter has these items to remind her constantly of the people she loved and who loved her very much too.  I am hoping that one day she may have something of mine which she will cherish.

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  1. What a beautiful story! I love that you keep a little part of your mum close to your heart. I have alot of keepsakes, and I hope that I can hand them down to my children and they will treasure them always xo