Monday, April 16, 2012


Why?  Well, I'll tell you.  To many this may sound very mundane and common place but to me at age 80 it is an achievement.

Recently MOH bought me a new multi-function printer.  No problems as I have known for some time how to use a simple ink jet printer.

Now the reason for the big grin is this:  Our endocrinologist wants MOH to have a sleep apnoea test.  We rang the place concerned on Friday last and they sent an email to be completed about MOH's snoring etc., which was duly completed and returned.  That was the easy part.

Today we had a telephone call from the receptionist at CRS asking if we had a scanner and could we please scan and forward by email a copy of the referral from the doctor.  MOH immediately put the lass on to talk to me as I am the computer "expert".  I said I'd have a try to do this but otherwise would send the referral snail mail.

MOH had reason to go out to the shops this morning so while it was quiet I thought I'd have a go and see if I could work out how to use this new (to me anyway) modern technology.  I turned on the machine and all these little icons appeared on the desk top.  I checked through and found one that seemed to suggest it had to do with scanning so clicked on that one.  A window appeared and I took pot luck that I was going to click the right icon and guess what? it worked!!!

Up came an email page with the copy of the referral dead centre so all I had to do was pop in the address to where it was to be sent.  I did ask for confirmation just to make sure it all went through OK and within 5 minutes I received a reply to say yes, it had arrived.  I am grateful they let me know all was well.  Next step is for MOH to see physician and apparently spend a night in hospital to be assessed in regard to snoring, breathing etc.  That is all another story for later.

This may all seem very simple to younger folk brought up with modern technology but to an old stager like myself it is all a little frightening (even our new microwave frustrates me as it is SO complicated compared with our old Panasonic) and there is always that feeling that I just may click on the wrong place or something like that and ruin everything.

Anyway, I am still grinning to myself about this achievement and even better I feel MOH thinks I am just wonderful.


  1. Woo hoo, go Mimsie. We bought my mother-in-law a printer/scanner/copier on the weekend to go with her new-ish laptop. I set it up, but gee, it'd changed a lot since the model before it. She, like you, is enjoying trying the new technology.

    I think you're pretty wonderful too x

  2. Bravo! Scanning documents IS a big deal - I am proud! x

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  4. Thanks for your lovely comments PPMJ, BabyMac and my daughter. The terrific words you wrote did actually make me feel quite wonderful. xx
    Not sure I need a business leads directory so will decline that offer.