Monday, December 12, 2011


On checking out the Western Australian historical records on the Department of Justice website recently I found out that my birth had been registered twice.  Wow!  Not many people have that happen.  The two entries read as follows:

Anderson, Peggy   F    Registered in Fremantle   Reg. No 18/1932 and

Ruston, Margaret   F    Registered RGFremantle   Reg. No.4/1933

My birth mother's surname was Anderson and the name of my father was not given on the certificate (I found out many years later who he was).  I was born in North Fremantle so the registration would have been at the Fremantle Registry Office.

My adopted parents' surname was Ruston and the reason my given name is shown as Margaret is because when I was 11 years old I was christened and at the same time my name was legally changed from Peggy to Margaret (at my own request, and therein lies another tail).  I don't know what the RG stands for before Fremantle on the second certificate.  Incidentally on the original Ruston certificate my given name was Peggy.

Confused?  No, there is only one of me for which I am sure many people are very thankful.  Do I have a dual personality?  No, not really but it is a bit of fun to say my birth has been registered twice.

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