Sunday, July 3, 2011


I think before I attempt to go any further I'd best go and get my specs. They may not be wonderful but although I can see this without them I sort of get a pain in the muscles in my head if I don't wear glasses. Something to do with the muscle strain in my eye or something like that.

Ah! that is better. Not that I can see much better but my head doesn't hurt so that's an improvement thank goodness.

The reason I said it is a satisfying Sunday is for several reasons: My lovely daughter rang me this afternoon and had we a lovely long chat about this, that and the other and I always enjoying having a chin wag with her. I don't speak to many other people (apart from MOH) so it always a joy when she rings me. I left her do the telephoning because she is a busy person with many demands and she is the one who knows when she has the time to spare.

Over the past months I have been a really terrible non-doer. O.K I spend lots of time on this computer and love doing so. I have a Facebook page and may have mentioned I play dozens of games of Scrabble with a dear friend in New Zealand. We are pretty equal when it comes to games won which makes it very interesting. I also play a game called Farm Town which is time consuming and quite a challenge as well (if you let it get that way).

Today I plugged my Elna sewing machine in for probably the first time in about two years. One drop of oil is all that is needed to get it running well and yes, it sewed beautifully which is more than it was doing previously. It is well over 30 years old and really does need an overhaul so must ring Elna and get a quote. Elna machines are (or were) more or less guaranteed for the life of the machine but wear and tear of course is not covered in that guarantee. It's like my body I guess...wear and tear happens!!!

I have some large sheets which are in perfect condition which I need to cut down to fit our twin beds and some fitted sheets where the elastic has gone kaput. Mum used to say buttons were sewn on with a hot needle and burnt thread and I think the elastic they use on fitted sheets is a little like that. Almost worn out before you begin using the sheets. Whether they use better elastic on very expensive sheets I don't now as I can't afford to buy them.

Anyway what I intend to do is to sew some tape for 40-50 cms each side of a corner (in one continuous piece) and run elastic through it so the fitted sheet will once again stay put on the corners of the bed. It will take a bit of playing about with i.e. how much elastic of course (MOH will give me a hand tomorrow...he promised he would) but if I can get it to work I will then have enough fitted (and top) sheets in my linen cupboard to last for years.

I began sewing when very young and started making my own clothes when I was about 15 and have always loved doing it. I made nearly all my daughter's clothes when she was young (plus her wedding dresses) and quite a few for my son when he was little. Have also made shirts for my first husband and also MOH. Unfortunately my hands are so arthritic now I can't cut out patterns etc., nor am I very good at using a hand sewing needle but the machine I can still use.

These are two quite tiny satisfactions to many people but to me they are tremendous as I feel I am once again becoming a little useful.

MOH made some delicious vegetable soup in the slow cooker and we had two helpings today (lunch and tea) along with ham and tomato sandwiches. Simple meals on a Sunday made it a satisfactory day as well. Tomorrow ... we have splashed out and are having t-bone steak with lots of vegies. The pork cutlets were delicious last night and I'm hoping the steaks will be just as tender.

The weekend has been quite a good one overall and I am looking forward with confidence to the coming week. Hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying their lives.

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